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“Art to me is about discovery….I encourage [my students] to not get 'precious' with their work, [to] be ready to always risk it for something new. Once we get too precious, then we stop growing the work. It is a metaphor for life.”
- Susan J. Gottlieb, Lancaster artist

Explore the creative fruits of Lancaster in the hotel's first floor art gallery. Lancaster, Pennsylvania is home to a host of creative talent and our art gallery is proud to promote their fine work. Director, Lisa Clemens provides a passport to inspiration with a selection of both historic and contemporary works by Lancaster artists. The brick-lined streets of our eclectic little city and the rolling farmland surrounding it have inspired artists such as Charles Demuth, Blanche Nevin, Jacob Eichholtz, and David Brumbach, to name a few. The Arts Hotel is proud to display over $300,000 dollars’ worth of fine art throughout and on its historic walls. Enjoy a visit to our renowned art gallery and experience some of Lancaster, Pennsylvania's finest talent.All art in the hotel is available for purchase.

For information on exhibiting your art at our hotel, please contact Lisa Clemens at (717) 203-0131 or  or go to

THE LANCASTER ARTS HOTEL GALLERY is open daily, and is a popular space for Board Meetings and Cocktail Parties. It is suggested you call the Hotel prior to your visit if you are making a special trip to be sure the Gallery is not occupied at 717.299.3000. The Arts Hotel Gallery endeavors to expose the work of established Artists to a broader audience and promote the rich fabric of the Arts in Lancaster County.

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 “Sometimes, when I ask myself why I’m painting, a walk along Hammer Creek always renews my interest…There’s a two or three mile stretch where it flows through the forest land, fallen woods, and a meadow area.  I’ve been doing paintings of that part of the creek for thirty years now.  I always see something new.”   Excerpted from an interview with Scott Campbell for Harrisburg Magazine in 2011, this quote still rings true for Robert Bitts.  A preservationist at heart, Bob’s sweeping acrylics on canvas capture the primitive beauty of stone, twig, boulder, and branch – earthly elements we all see each day but overlook.  “I’ve been experimenting with size and scale, creating variations on a single scene from near and far, true to life or abstracted, in varying seasons - even incorporating a full year across one painting.”  


A 1969 Art Education graduate of Millersville University, Millersville, Pennsylvania, Bob has been painting ever since.  Though he favored figurative subjects early in his career, he became influenced by the semi-abstract work of Richard Diebenkorn.  “Just after college, about 1970 or 1971, I attended an exhibition of landscape paintings at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia,” he says.  “That show had a great impact on me. It blew off my proverbial socks.  That’s when I began to concentrate on landscapes.”

 Robert Bitts work has received awards and recognition, including a Purchase Awards from Washington and Jefferson National Painting Exhibition, Washington, DC, Reading Art Museum, Reading, Pennsylvania, and a First Prize in Painting from Art of the State, William Penn Museum, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  His work is held in numerous corporate and private collections including Lancaster General Health, Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster Newspapers, Donnelly Printing Company, and Armstrong World Industries all in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Capital Blue Cross, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Core States Bank, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.   

For more about ROBERT BITTS and other Artists or to inquire about a purchase, please visit, or call 717-367-9236 and speak to Lisa Clemens, Director, Arts Hotel Gallery at the Lancaster Arts Hotel, and the Lynden Gallery.  

 For more info on Artist Receptions, Art Submissions, and Purchasing, go to

In the Blanche Nevin Room

  • In the Blanche Nevin Room
  • In the Blanche Nevin Room

Tina Myers

"The works that I show are often the result of an accidental and experimental process. I often find myself depositing deep contemplations that cannot be expressed in words onto the canvas or paper. I like to allow myself the freedom to use colors and forms that most please my senses at the time. The piece then begins to speak to me during the process and “tells” me what it is becoming. It continues to live and grow until completion. When showing my work, it is always fascinating to hear the diverse messages that it then expresses to viewers."


Tina Myers, Ohio resident, has shared artwork with her local community at galleries, (First Row Center for The Arts, The Little Art Gallery in North Canton, Jupiter Studios, Studio 2091, and the Massillon Museum) coffee shops, boutiques and even hookah lounges.

Her intense interest in art was ignited in High School where she took advantage of every class available on the subject. Although, there have been some speed bumps along the way, (raising young children) Tina has kept producing artwork throughout the years and eagerly continues to increase the amount of time spent creating.

Working with canvas, paper, pen, acrylics and knives; she uses an innate sense of color, texture and composition to speak to the viewer through sometimes primitive images. Her intensity and depth always surpass the dimensions of the medium she chooses.

To see Tina's work:

To purchase artwork or to learn more about the artists, visit

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In John J. Jeffries Restaurant

  • In John J. Jeffries Restaurant
  • In John J. Jeffries Restaurant

Todd Lehman

"How do you explain abstract painting? Nineteenth-century English critic alter Pater said that all art aspires to be music. In a New York Times interview several years ago, the late Spanish painter Antoni Tápies said, "One should compare modern art tomusic." But while a connection to music -— especially to classical music and jazz-—is sound and logical, we can also compare abstract art to modern dance. The movements of the dancers-—like a pencil or a brush-—break the stage space into shapes. Abstract painting too is about spaces and shapes, and about energies and visual noise-—but like music and modern dance it can also be about silence and solitude.

But what about the paintings themselves? What about technique? Most of my paintings are on paper. And they are small. Perhaps a result of my interest in the beauty and strength of Indian miniature paintings. I prefer the hard surface of paper to the softer textured surface of canvas and use a variety of scraping devices in addition to brushes. When I work I glaze colors over other colors, an old academic technique I learned in art school. Sometimes I scrape colors down or wash them down with turpentine-—and then apply other colors over top.

What inspires my paintings? Several things -— landscapes, architecture, archaeological ruins, poetry and music. The connections between painting and the other arts are very clear to me. Then there is the energy of New York City-—it is inescapable. Those of us who live and work in New York become addicted to the city's drive and speed and visual noise, but we also, and for obvious reasons, require moments of solitude and meditation. So my paintings are sometimes like a screaming traffic jam, other times like the quiet of a leaf falling in a Japanese garden. Can this dichotomy be explained? Certainly. My paintings, like most other artists' paintings, are a mirror-—a reflection of where I live, where I go, the books I read, the music I listen to and some personal stuff. They are the pages of a visual autobiography." T. Lehman 2013

 For more information on the artists and their work, or to inquire about a purchase, please visit or call 717-367-9236 and speak to Lisa Clemens, Director, Arts Hotel Gallery at the Lancaster Arts Hotel, and the Lynden Gallery

For more info on Artist Receptions, Art Submissions, and Purchasing, go to

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