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“Art to me is about discovery….I encourage [my students] to not get 'precious' with their work, [to] be ready to always risk it for something new. Once we get too precious, then we stop growing the work. It is a metaphor for life.”
- Susan J. Gottlieb, Lancaster artist

Explore the creative fruits of Lancaster in the hotel's first floor art gallery. Lancaster, Pennsylvania is home to a host of creative talent and our art gallery is proud to promote their fine work. Director, Lisa Clemens, provides a passport to inspiration with a selection of both historic and contemporary works by Lancaster artists. The brick-lined streets of our eclectic little city and the rolling farmland surrounding it have inspired artists such as Charles Demuth, Blanche Nevin, Jacob Eichholtz, and David Brumbach, to name a few. The Arts Hotel is proud to display over $300,000 dollars’ worth of fine art throughout and on its historic walls. Enjoy a visit to our renowned art gallery and experience some of Lancaster, Pennsylvania's finest talent.All art in the hotel is available for purchase.

For information on exhibiting your art at our hotel, please contact Lisa Clemens at (717) 203-0131 or  or go to

THE LANCASTER ARTS HOTEL GALLERY is open daily, and is a popular space for Board Meetings and Cocktail Parties. It is suggested you call the Hotel prior to your visit if you are making a special trip to be sure the Gallery is not occupied at 717.299.3000. The Lancaster Arts Hotel Gallery endeavors to expose the work of established artists to a broader audience and promote the rich fabric of the arts in Lancaster County.

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Jeff Bye

Forgetten Spaces

"Emile Zola defined a work of art as a “corner of nature seen through a temperament.” The artistic temperament Zola was referring to can ostensibly be manifested in a variety ways in a work of art. It can be subdued and inconspicuous, as when one passively records one's visual observation on paper. Alternatively, it can be given free reign, allowing for an active creative process, a process that is based on interaction and interpretation. It is this subtle dialogue between the painter and the subject portrayed that interests me as a painter. Consequently, the creative process for me is an amalgam of a variety of sources, including though not confined to the use of one's memory and inventiveness. Ultimately, this involves constant modification, correction and elimination, which continues until I sense a coherence and balance. As a result, my creative process is distinct for each painting, revealing a unique personal journey.

My current body of work contains both figurative and landscapes scenes. My figurative paintings often include representations of friends and family members. Knowing the subjects on a personal level gives greater strength to my work. This personal connection enables me to go beyond the painting of a anonymous portrait, to reach below the surface, and to ultimately reveal some aspect of the sitter's character or personality in the painting.

With each new project, I try to delve deep into the psyche of my subject in order to depict their true being. The environment plays an important role in the picture. The figure is surrounded not by mere props but by vehicles which carry a mood, or spark a psychological and an emotional response that is reflected in all elements of the painting.

The painting becomes a record of a journey, revealing layer upon layer of my exploration...
My landscapes record a moment in time within an urban scene. Each space has its own unique qualities, whether owing to its architecture, history, or inhabitants. New York city has an abundance of areas to explore. I am fascinated by the character of these places, as well the way in which man and nature become an integral part of their ever changing facade. The gradual alteration of light from dawn till dusk, produce remarkable transformations in the character of streets and buildings. This process that often alters dramatically one's perception of the same space, can result in multiple paintings.

The development of a work of art is what interests me most as an artist. What this entails is not just painting one interpretation of my subject, but expressing reactions towards it at different periods of time. The painting becomes a record of a journey, revealing layer upon layer of my exploration through spontaneous brushwork. The goal with which I approach a new painting changes often dramatically in the course of the work's creation. Thus, at the time the work is completed with the final result often completely different from the one originally intended-one comes to realize that the most beautiful part of the creative journey is not its fickle and fleeting goal, but the journey itself."

J. Bye, 2013


For more about Jeff Bye and other Artists or to inquire about a purchase, please visit, or call 717-367-9236 and speak to Lisa Clemens, Director, Arts Hotel Gallery at the Lancaster Arts Hotel, and the Lynden Gallery.  

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In the Blanche Nevin Room

  • In the Blanche Nevin Room
  • In the Blanche Nevin Room

Robert Bitts


"Sometimes, when I ask myself why I'm painting, a walk along Hammer Creek always renews my interest...There's a two or three mile stretch where it flows through the forest land, fallen woods, and a meadow area. I've been doing paintings of that part of the creek for thirty years now. I always see something new." Excerpted from an interview with Scott Campbell for Harrisburg Magazine in 2011, this quote still rings true for Robert Bitts. A preservationist at heart, Bob's sweeping acrylics on canvas capture the primitive beauty of stone, twig, boulder, and branch – earthly elements we all see each day but overlook. "I've been experimenting with size and scale, creating variations on a single scene from near and far, true to life or abstracted, in varying seasons - even incorporating a full year across one painting." 

A 1969 Art Education graduate of Millersville University, Millersville, Pennsylvania, Bob has been painting ever since. Though he favored figurative subjects early in his career, he became influenced by the semi-abstract work of Richard Diebenkorn. "Just after college, about 1970 or 1971, I attended an exhibition of landscape paintings at Moore College of Art in Philadelphia," he says. "That show had a great impact on me. It blew off my proverbial socks. That's when I began to concentrate on landscapes."

Robert Bitts work has received awards and recognition, including a Purchase Awards from Washington and Jefferson National Painting Exhibition, Washington, DC, Reading Art Museum, Reading, Pennsylvania, and a First Prize in Painting from Art of the State, William Penn Museum, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. His work is held in numerous corporate and private collections including Lancaster General Health, Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster Newspapers, Donnelly Printing Company, and Armstrong World Industries all in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Capital Blue Cross, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, and Core States Bank, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

For more about ROBERT BITTS and other Artists represented at the Lancaster Arts Hotel
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In John J. Jeffries Restaurant

  • In John J. Jeffries Restaurant
  • In John J. Jeffries Restaurant

David Zimmerman


"As a boy, I would spend days in my dad’s workshop making things.  I learned the basics of woodworking in a commercial cabinet shop.  Then I tried college; I tried truck driving; I went back to woodworking.  While working with an architect I was intrigued by the notion of designing and engineering my own work.  After years of learning and perfecting the craft, and the rules of traditional woodworking in hand, I’ve given myself the freedom to break them.  Opening myself to be creative and pushing to the edge, I’ve found joy in my work – each vessel a play in light and shadow. 

Warton Eshrick’s work was inspirational to me and I was fascinated by Wendel Castles layered and laminated work.  In 1980 I discovered a way to make wooden bowls with layered and laminated expanding concentric rings of wood, and I became obsessed with the process – still finding new ways to create with it.  My design is not a mental process.  It is not a planning process.  My best work comes by surprise – it happens while I am making it.  My wish is to communicate deeply in the non-verbal language which is beyond words."  D.Zimmerman 2006

 For more information on the artists and their work, or to inquire about a purchase, please visit or call 717-367-9236 and speak to Lisa Clemens, Director, Arts Hotel Gallery at the Lancaster Arts Hotel, and the Lynden Gallery

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