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“Art to me is about discovery….I encourage [my students] to not get 'precious' with their work, [to] be ready to always risk it for something new. Once we get too precious, then we stop growing the work. It is a metaphor for life.”
- Susan J. Gottlieb, Lancaster artist

Explore the creative fruits of Lancaster in the hotel's first floor art gallery. Lancaster, Pennsylvania is home to a host of creative talent and our art gallery is proud to promote their fine work. Director, Lisa Clemens provides a passport to inspiration with a selection of both historic and contemporary works by Lancaster artists. The brick-lined streets of our eclectic little city and the rolling farmland surrounding it have inspired artists such as Charles Demuth, Blanche Nevin, Jacob Eichholtz, and David Brumbach, to name a few. The Arts Hotel is proud to display over $300,000 dollars’ worth of fine art throughout and on its historic walls. Enjoy a visit to our renowned art gallery and experience some of Lancaster, Pennsylvania's finest talent.All art in the hotel is available for purchase.

For information on exhibiting your art at our hotel, please contact Lisa Clemens at (717) 203-0131 or 

THE LANCASTER ARTS HOTEL GALLERY is open daily, and is a popular space for Board Meetings and Cocktail Parties. It is suggested you call the Hotel prior to your visit if you are making a special trip to be sure the Gallery is not occupied at 717.299.3000. The Arts Hotel Gallery endeavors to expose the work of established Artists to a broader audience and promote the rich fabric of the Arts in Lancaster County.

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  • In the Gallery


“Original Art, For Sale Again”

On display now through January 2014, at the Lancaster Arts Hotel,  “Original Art, For Sale Again”, featuring selected artwork from the Lancaster Art Collectors, purveyors of fine secondary art.

Visitors to the gallery can expect to see works by some of Lancaster’s most notable artists:  David Brumbach, Mark Workman, Claire Giblin, Marlin Bert, Frieman Stoltzfus, Susan Gottleib, Jeff Geib and more.  The Lancaster Art Collectors will refresh the show with “new” artwork in early November and December so that guests will have the opportunity to see additional works by Lancaster artists.


Contact the Lancaster Art Collectors at 717.517.7074 if you are looking for a specific painting – style, subject matter, color, price or artist.  And visit their website,, to see their entire and ever changing inventory.


For more info on Artist Receptions, Art Submissions, and Purchasing, go to

In the Blanche Nevin Room

  • In the Blanche Nevin Room

Susan Lapp

As a flautist and artist, my art and music are very closely related in that with both, I strive to create not the exactness of nature or notes, but a mood. Despite all of nature's beauty, a delicate flower, a drop of water on a leaf after the rain, it is not a perfect image I try to paint, but an inner feeling - abstract, yet real. To look for something that isn't there, yet creating an image in your mind.

 My paintings are about colours, textures, always nature - sea, land or sky. My inner experience, not to be felt for that is mine, but to paint it into an image for you to experience in your own way. My mixed media works are the more intricate, complicated side of me. They represent the chaos of life, again, not the exactness of nature, but a mood. Out of chaos, comes a calmness once the work is completed, as in one's life. Each piece is a painting, cut by hand, each new miniature square revealing one small image of nature, reassembled to create an essence. Then, different objects are added. Bronze, silver, gold, precious stones, shells, hand blown glass, wire, whatever my mind sees to enhance the scene giving life and energy.


 Susan has a B.F.A. from Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec and now lives in Guelph., Ontario. She is also a professional flautist, teacher, composer and was curator of Art-In-Guelph Gallery until 2003. Her memories of travels throughout Canada, United States, parts of Europe, South America and Asia mark the varied moods and feelings in her art. Her paintings are found in private and corporate collections throughout Canada and U.S.

"Abstracts have imagination.

Imagination has life.

Life has colours.

Colours have energy.

Energy has emotions.

Emotions are what make us human." - S.L.

In John J. Jeffries Restaurant

  • In John J. Jeffries Restaurant

Walter Diehl

Walter, a self-taught abstract artist, originally from North Carolina, explores the relationships between often surprising color use mixed with the interplay of the geometric forms. The uncluttered result can transport the viewers to a fond memory, a favorite place or an inspiring mood.

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