10 Places in Lancaster to Find Interesting, Unique Art When You Visit

an abstract painting with bright colors

When you plan a trip to somewhere new, it’s always fun to discover what is available there that aligns with your interests. And if you are someone who loves art, then Lancaster, PA, is the place for you to visit!

While Lancaster is widely known for being home to an Amish community, there is also a thriving art scene that includes art of all kinds. And no matter what suits your taste, you’re sure to find activities and art galleries in Lancaster, PA, and the surrounding areas that will delight you!

The art scene in Lancaster is constantly evolving, with dozens of creative events happening year-round. The pieces are a unique expression of many artists’ creativity, thoughts, and ideas. You will find plenty of visual art examples throughout Lancaster, but our city cherishes many other art forms.

There are culinary, theatrical, or musical arts—and there’s even dance for those who express their creativity through movement. No matter what you’re into, the art you are interested in is sure to have some representation in beautiful Lancaster, but you have to know where to find it!

1. First Friday

First on our list of places to find unique art is First Friday, a monthly event hosted by Lancaster City that focuses on art, community, and the creativity found in those two spaces. The first Friday of each month is marked off for the city to celebrate art and creativity through exhibitions, performances, boutique openings, and even the culinary arts with restaurant specials.

While this isn’t a “place” as much as an experience, if you only have a little bit of time to dedicate to the art scene, you will get a broad sense of the art you can find in downtown Lancaster at First Friday.

2. Discover Lancaster Visitor’s Center

Make the Discover Lancaster Visitor’s Center an early stop, especially if the primary goal of your trip is experiencing the art of the area. Inside the Visitor’s Center, you will find creations by local artists—all of which are ready for your viewing pleasure! If you like something so much you feel like you need to take it home with you, you’re in luck. Everything in the Visitor’s Center is for sale.

While you’re there, please speak with one of the travel consultants about their favorite places to view interesting art and get some more recommendations right out of the mouths of locals!

3. Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen

Tactile artisans gather to display their beautiful crafts at the Pennsylvania Guild of Craftsmen, America’s largest non-profit craft organization. Not only can you look at and purchase beautiful handmade pieces, but you can take classes as well! This location is the place to find a unique piece for you or someone you know to treasure for a lifetime.

4. Kindred Collections

An image of antiques like a typewriter, clock, and stereo.

For those who love the look of a vintage piece or who are obsessed with upcycling antiques, step into Kindred Collections. There are professionally curated antiques and works from over 60 local artists spanning 6,000 square feet of displays. This spot is also the perfect destination for someone who wants to be a bit more casual about their day, as the shop’s atmosphere is relaxed and friendly enough to make you want to linger for hours!

Stop into the Friendship Heart Gallery when you want to see some art that will delight and inspire some joy. This creative arts studio celebrates the creations of artists with developmental and intellectual disabilities, encouraging them to create masterpieces through various mediums. Most of the visual art pieces created at the studio can be seen and purchased at the gallery, which is open to visitors and does currently have COVID-19 precautions in place.

6. American Music Theater

If you are more musically inclined or prefer the performance arts, a visit to the American Music Theater might have something for you during your visit. With an impressive roster that boasts a history of popular shows of all sorts, it’s worth checking out who will be performing while you’re staying in Lancaster! The American Music Theater is known for its world-class entertainment, both from touring artists and locals alike, so you’ll always have a great time, no matter what you’re there to see!

7. Art & Glassworks

An image of small, glass balloons in a rainbow of colors.

This gallery is a favorite of the locals and showcases art and unique glass pieces from over 150 artists from Lancaster and worldwide. Because each piece is handmade, you’ll get to see one-of-a-kind artwork that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.

8. Zum Anker Alley Shoppes

Located in the building that used to home the Lititz Record Express newspaper, Zum Anker Alley Shoppes is full of handmade items—from carefully crafted silk floral arrangements to other unique types of fine art, including collectibles and original works. This location is the perfect place to explore some unusual and inspiring pieces!

9. Demuth Museum

For a taste of local history, step into the Demuth Museum and discover the works of Charles Demuth, an artist born and raised right here in Lancaster County. Art in this museum highlights the artist’s life and legacy, taking the viewer through his history by exploring much of the watercolors and oil paintings he created.

10. The Lancaster Arts Hotel

Of course, it might seem a bit biased to include our hotel on the list, but we are confident you will love the collection of art we have throughout our hotel rooms and in our main gallery, located on the first floor.

As one of the premier art galleries in Lancaster, PA, we are home to pieces by many local artists. Our guests love the unique art all over our building, and when you stay with us, you are sure to find something to love situated on one of our walls!

Ready To Explore the Art Scene in Lancaster for Yourself?

When you’re ready to explore all the art that Lancaster has to offer, start with the art in your room at the Lancaster Arts Hotel! With such easy access to one of the best art galleries in Lancaster, PA, you’ll absolutely want to go out and see more. Get in touch with us to book one of our beautiful rooms and see all the Lancaster art scene offers today!