Jams Rountry

These aching bones, never felt a softer bed. Had the feeling of a big brass bed I once claimed at a chaotic party hosted by the beautiful people. It was a beautiful rest and I awoke hungry. The Coffee was hot, strong and unbelievably mild. My first thought was to set it down, but energy only changes form, so drank deeply and shook off the paralyzer of a substantially good night’s sleep.

Oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast at a bar serving instant hotcakes. I was humbled. The interior of the house is striking and eclectic. There are exposed bricks in nearly all corners screaming to be explored. Lighting in my room was unique and awkward to some extent. I would have gone with less minimalist fixtures(track lighting etc.) though the diversity lent itself to differing light preferences. The location is niche on an abundance of scales and a local guide is highly recommended to decide if he/she/they could even consider staying at a chain hotel charging more per night for what passes as posh. John J Jeffries Restaurant, The Fridge, The YMCA and Lombardos are the most accessible utilitarian neighbors. Perfect for the local community to vette a traveller on the road for beauty and adventure without so much pomp, yet boasting all the bells and whistles 😜 . All in all, a hotel in name but frankly, this destination is a standing reservation for a romantic staycassion and no vacancy is my heartbreak. Likely, the next stay here will kick off an amazing hiatus from the search. Don’t take my word, Discovery awaits!!!