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Enjoy the Features of an Extended-Stay Hotel in Lancaster, PA

Perhaps you’ve got a business trip to Lancaster planned. Or maybe you’re moving here and just waiting for the finishing touches on your home and need somewhere cozy for your family to rest. You want somewhere that meets all your needs and keeps you safe and warm. Where else can you enjoy the comforts of home combined with the luxuries you indulge in on vacation than at an extended-stay hotel in Lancaster, PA?

Enjoy These Amenities During Your Stay

There’s no need to worry about feeling comfortable in your new, extended-stay accommodation. With several available amenities for your convenience, you will find that your stay is relaxing in every way. Minus the work stress you might feel if you’re here for a job, of course! Some excellent amenities are available to all our extended-stay guests at Lancaster Arts Hotel.

continental breakfast counter

Continental Breakfast

Having a meal first thing in the morning can kickstart your day and start it off right! A deluxe continental breakfast features pastries, fruit, coffee, and other early-morning favorites. Sit for a moment and indulge in this perk before making your way into the world’s chaos.

An image of a person using their phone with a Wi-Fi symbol hanging over the phone.

Complimentary Wi-Fi

No need to feel disconnected from family! Complimentary Wi-Fi will keep you plugged into everything happening on social media platforms and new channels. Connect to impromptu business calls or join family video chats reliably without worrying about losing your internet connection.

A woman on the phone, smiling, holding a paper with graphs and data on it.

24-Hour Business Center

Keep your room and your business separate with a 24-hour business center. Join remote meetings, work from a comfortable location, and feel like you have an office away from your regular office. This feature can help you separate yourself from work and keep your room peaceful each night.

An image from between two cars inside a parking garage

Free Indoor Parking

Staying at a hotel doesn’t have to mean your vehicle is exposed to the elements in the open-air parking lot. Enjoy free indoor parking to protect your car during your extended stay with our covered lot.

An image of a phone plugged in, charging on a wooden surface.

Multiple Charging Pods

Use your electronics as much as possible without worrying about conserving battery life. With multiple charging pods and sockets available in each room, you will always have a fully charged device at your fingertips!

clean bed neatly made

Turndown Service

For ultimate luxury, there’s a turndown service available for every room. Crawl into a cozy bed that’s made up and ready for you each night after you’ve enjoyed a night out or worked late at business meetings for the day.

A photo of red wine poured into an empty glass between a glass of rose and white wine.

Room Wine Refrigerator

Unwind with your favorite beverages in your room while you relax at the end of a long day. Your room comes equipped with a wine refrigerator to keep your drinks at the right temperature for when you’re ready to partake. This feature can also be a romantic aspect of the space if you enjoy an extended stay with a partner!

fitness room

24-Hour Fitness Center

For a quick workout, hit the fitness center. There’s equipment for casual workouts and more strenuous exercises alike. This feature is ideal for those who don’t have much free time but still want to squeeze in some exercise! Got in late but still in the mood for a run? The fitness center is open 24 hours a day!

A man and a woman using exercise balls on the floor, surrounded by gym equipment.

Guest Passes to the YMCA

Are you looking for more equipment for a more elaborate workout routine? There’s no need to interrupt your workout schedule while you’re away from home. Guest passes are available to the YMCA, so you will always have access to the necessary equipment for your daily workouts.

Find What You Love in Lancaster, PA

Visiting a new place often means staying in long-term hotels. While the hotel is a great place to spend as much time as you’d like, you may also want to explore the comforts you’ll find outside! Lancaster County is known for its vibrant arts scene, decadent food and drink options, and plenty of fun things to do and explore.

art on brick wall

Extended-Stay Hotels in Lancaster, PA, Are Your Home Away From Home

You deserve to enjoy your time away from home, even if your extended stay is for business and not pleasure. Find all the comforts of home at your extended-stay hotel in Lancaster, PA, while indulging in a little extra luxury. Visit today and experience the joys of an extended stay at Lancaster Arts Hotel.

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