Plan for Success: Host Your Next Business Meeting at Lancaster Arts Hotel!

Need a place to host your next business meeting, celebration, or corporate event that will make a positive impact and lasting impression immediately?

Lancaster Arts Hotel offers onsite conference rooms and meeting facilities that will wow your guests.

Choose from two unique corporate event venues, including the Art Gallery Boardroom, perfect for small business meetings, and the Blanche Nevin Room, a flexible corporate event space ideal for groups of up to 50 guests.

Our staff is happy to help you plan your event and can assist with audiovisual equipment, catering, or other details for a successful event.

Spaces for Corporate Events

Whether you want a smaller, more intimate space for your corporate meeting or a larger space to accommodate a larger event of up to 50 people, you will find the perfect space at Lancaster Arts Hotel. We offer two separate spaces for your convenience for any event.

The Art Gallery Boardroom

Located to the left of the lobby, the Art Gallery Boardroom is the perfect hotel meeting space for groups of 20 or fewer. This completely private, 356-square-foot space is ideal for business meetings, interviews, sales presentations, brainstorming sessions, or team-building exercises.

The room rental includes water, pads, pens, candies, complimentary WiFi.

Guests at the hotel can enjoy a complimentary continental breakfast. For meeting participants not staying at the hotel, breakfast is available for $8.95 per person, which can be charged to the meeting bill. Need audiovisual equipment for your meeting or presentation? No problem. We can provide AV equipment, including screen and LCD projector, flip charts, and more.

a restaurant with tables and chairs covered in white tablecloths

The Blanche Nevin Room

This space is perfect for various corporate events, from company cocktail parties or awards banquets to sales presentations, business meetings, or team-building exercises. Our Blanche Nevin Room is a flexible, 750-square-foot space that can be configured in various ways to suit your event.

Available for afternoon or evening functions, this is the perfect space for late-lunch-style company parties or a corporate meeting with a few dozen guests. The Blanche Nevin Room can seat up to 50 people in a banquet-style setting. The space is filled with original art from local Lancaster artists and features exposed brick from the building’s roots as an 1800s tobacco warehouse, providing the perfect setting for inspiration and celebration.

Fun Fact: Blanche Nevin was the first recognized woman sculptress in the country. She is also the daughter of John Williamson Nevin, president of Franklin & Marshall College in 1855.

What’s It Like Hosting a Corporate Event or Business Meeting at Our Location?

Whether you select either The Art Gallery Boardroom or The Blanche Nevin Room to host your business meeting or corporate event, you get not only a beautiful space but a memorable experience. When your team members get a look at the beautiful event space you’ve selected, they will be instantly impressed. Before your meeting starts, don’t be surprised if you notice a few people staring at our beautiful art hanging all over some gorgeous, historic walls. Either room is the corporate meeting space you deserve for your next event!

a living room filled with furniture and a painting on the wall

Comfortable Setting

No one likes a stuffy boardroom with glaringly white walls and bright lights reflecting off every plain surface. When you take your meeting to a room like one of ours, you instantly improve the comfort levels of your team members. From the gorgeous walls and the right amount of lighting, you’ll always enjoy a more relaxed, comfortable setting when you are with us. And when your clients or coworkers aren’t busy thinking about their discomfort, they are focused on the information you are presenting to them

a red sculpture sitting on top of a table

Beautiful Art

Upgrade your everyday corporate meeting space experience at our location. Enjoy the gorgeous art on our walls done by local artists and learn something new about the creativity in this area. The art helps create a relaxing setting, inspires, and encourages your team to think about things more creatively. Are you hosting this meeting to solve a problem? Maybe enjoying the art and letting your mind wander a bit can be helpful to the problem-solving aspect of your get-together. If nothing else, you can walk around and enjoy the art during breaks!

a long table with blue vases on top of it

The Right Size Space

A boardroom is often larger than it needs to be for all the types of meetings hosted within. When you turn to Lancaster Arts Hotel to help you pull off your next corporate meeting, you have two size options to suit your group size best and keep the room focused on the task at hand: no more distracting empty chairs or white space. You’ll always be able to hear or see your colleagues, and they’ll be able to interact with you in the right-sized conference space comfortably. Plus, each room is big enough not to feel crowded even when at capacity!

Everything You Need to Know About Food Options for Your Business Meeting or Event

The hotel does not provide lunch, though we have an onsite organic restaurant, JOHN J. JEFFRIES, that would be happy to cater your special event! However, if you are interested in other food options, you can always order from various local restaurants, many within walking distance. This area is home to some of Lancaster’s most ambitious chefs, crafting food that your guests or clients won’t forget anytime soon. Whatever food you choose, you will enjoy it while working through your meeting agenda in one of our two spaces.

Are you looking for more of a snacky, light lunch option for your business meeting or event? We can provide snack and beverage stations in your chosen conference space for your reserved time for an additional fee. Be sure to ask about our food and beverage options when you make your reservation!

These aching bones, never felt a softer bed. Had the feeling of a big brass bed I once claimed at a chaotic party hosted by the beautiful people. It was a beautiful rest and I awoke hungry. The Coffee was hot, strong and unbelievably mild. My first thought was to set it down, but energy only changes form, so drank deeply and shook off the paralyzer of a substantially good night’s sleep.

Oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast at a bar serving instant hotcakes. I was humbled. The interior of the house is striking and eclectic. There are exposed bricks in nearly all corners screaming to be explored. Lighting in my room was unique and awkward to some extent. I would have gone with less minimalist fixtures(track lighting etc.) though the diversity lent itself to differing light preferences. The location is niche on an abundance of scales and a local guide is highly recommended to decide if he/she/they could even consider staying at a chain hotel charging more per night for what passes as posh. John J Jeffries Restaurant, The Fridge, The YMCA and Lombardos are the most accessible utilitarian neighbors. Perfect for the local community to vette a traveller on the road for beauty and adventure without so much pomp, yet boasting all the bells and whistles 😜 . All in all, a hotel in name but frankly, this destination is a standing reservation for a romantic staycassion and no vacancy is my heartbreak. Likely, the next stay here will kick off an amazing hiatus from the search. Don’t take my word, Discovery awaits!!!

- Jams Rountry

Loved our stay here. All the staff were hospitable, warmly welcoming and accommodating to our requests. The suite was generously sized, large garden tub and brick decor, warm lighting no harsh LEDs. Kitchen staff of ONE for our breakfast (due to a call out like most places short staffed the last two years) did a superb job. She was so conscientious but everything was out and ready for guests as planned.

I hope they appreciate this woman as she was preparing then washing dishes, doing it all, to keep the guests happy and will no meal time sacrifice. The auto waffle maker prepared fluffy waffles, the best comp breakfast I’ve seen in awhile. Beautifully decorated for the holidays inside and out.

- CJ Tracker